Dawning, The - eBook

Dawning, The - eBook
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What if you had the power to change the past — but doing so would destroy your future?

Thirteen years have passed since the fiery explosion that killed seven people and shattered the lives of thousands more, but Amanda Martin is unable to forgive herself for her part in the tragedy. Deep in the hills of Arizona, she lets time pass her by, but the torrential rains fail to wash away her pain.

During a storm unlike any other, she goes to the aid of a woman caught in the resulting flood. After a daring rescue that nearly claims both their lives, Amanda has no choice but to offer the stranger the safety of her hogan for one night. The next day, she vows, the hapless woman will be out of her life and she will go back to her isolated, private world of regrets.

When the mud is washed away, a shattered Amanda recognizes her guest—one of the seven the whole world had watched die. The mysterious, compelling Sharon may hold the secrets Amanda needs to fix all the mistakes of her past, but Sharon is no ordinary woman,and their growing feelings for each other no ordinary love.

Originally written under the pen name Laura Adams, Karin Kallmaker’s uplifting tale of sacrifice, redemption and all-too human emotions continues the story of hope and love begun in the critically acclaimed Night Vision.