Embrace in Motion - eBook

Embrace in Motion - eBook
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Sarah MacNeil is about to put her heart in the hands of a beautiful woman who could be her salvation...or her ruin!

Surfing high on the wave of lesbian chic, author/screenwriter Melissa Hartley is deliciously dangerous. She knows the right people, goes to all the right parties, says all the right things. When she meets the quiet, elegant Sarah MacNeil at a hotel bar, Melissa makes all the right moves to get Sarah to her bed, then makes all the right promises to convince the usually cautious young attorney to come live with her in San Francisco.

Totally captivated for the first time in her life, Sarah surrenders herself completely. Blinded by the glow of Melissa's white-hot sensuality, is Sarah setting herself up for a total meltdown?

Originally published in 1997 by The Naiad Press.