Contents Under Pressure - eBook

Contents Under Pressure - eBook
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Attorney Drew Morgan and her partner Stephen are called to the scene of a bank robbery in a small town at the tip of Cape Cod where they find a dead suspect covered by the body of a dead German shepherd. While investigating the murder, Drew is faced with an array of witnesses, including a Cuban-Japanese drag performer named Mango and a middle-aged couple—one of whom makes ice cream cones for a living and the other who cleans Elvis' house.

As the duo struggles to solve the mystery, Drew is also trying to unravel a personal mystery of her own. Her photographer lover of ten years, Maggie, left her six months earlier without a word. When she meets Dr. J.J. Austin, who serves as the town's makeshift coroner, little does Drew know that the doctor holds the key to Maggie’s whereabouts.

Contents Under Pressure will take readers on a fast, funny, edgy ride through the gayest small town in America.