Racing Toward Providence - eBook

Racing Toward Providence - eBook
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Samantha Warren has one passion in life—her painting. She moves to a secluded cabin in Maine where she can work undisturbed. But Kate Sinclair comes along, and Sam discovers another passion. Just as their friendship is developing into something more, several events happen that will change Sam’s life and disrupt the idyllic world she has created for herself.When Sam posts her eighty acres as a “no hunting” zone, she incurs the wrath of locals who have hunted deer there for generations. A stranger shows up and wants to buy her land, and someone is making serious threats against her. In the midst of these conflicts, her eight-year-old nephew is suddenly orphaned and needs a home, which only Sam can provide. Samantha’s solitary life as an artist has been thrust into turmoil. How will she resolve these unexpected complications and what does providence have in mind for her?