Meridio's Daughter - eBook

Meridio's Daughter - eBook
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Tessa (Nikki) Nikolaidis is cold and ruthless, the perfect person to be KarÍ, the right hand, to Greek magnate Andreas Meridio. Cassandra (Casey) Meridio has come home after a six-year absence to find that her fatherís new KarÍ is a very desirable, but highly dangerous woman. Set in modern-day Greece, on the island of Mżkonos, this novel weaves a tale of emotional and criminal intrigue, as two women from different worlds struggle with forbidden desires. As the two reach the point of no return, Casey begins to wonder if she can really trust the beautiful KarÍ. Does Nikkiís dark past hide secrets that will eventually bring down the brutal Meridio Empire, or are her actions simply those of a vindictive woman? Will the KarÍ stop at nothing for vengeance...even seduction?