Jaded - eBook

Jaded - eBook
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Prominent New York acquisitions attorney Courtney Wilhelm had her entire life carefully planned…or so she thought. When Courtney’s estranged half sister, Marissa, succumbs to Cancer, Courtney assumes guardianship of Marissa’s daughter, Jade.

Courtney knows nothing of children and struggles to find balance as the custodian of a minor while trying to maintain a high level of expertise expected by her clients and the firm. When she meets Jade’s prospective new teacher Lauren McCallum, feelings she thought she had locked away rise to the surface and take control.

Can Courtney let go of the life she planned so meticulously—and clings to so stubbornly—to have the life with Jade and Lauren that awaits her? Or will the fear of failure keep her from the love and happiness she didn’t even know she wanted?