Sisters’ Treasure - eBook

Sisters’ Treasure - eBook
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Tracey Stephens thinks she has her life in order. She works at her passion as a museum curator. She plays with Ginny Daniels, a television reporter new to the intricacies of a small Southern town. For the most part, Tracey’s comfortable with her niche in a society based on ancestors and history. All’s well until Tracey’s great aunts resurrect a family legend best left unspoken—long missing Confederate treasure—that pits Tracey against Ginny.

Three generations of sisters are soon at odds over the family’s so-called legacy. Tracey’s discovery of the truth behind the legend leads her on an odyssey of Quaker tenets, Confederate gold and silver, the Underground Railroad, and the long-kept secret of a boondoggle that almost cost her father his life as a young man. Along the way, Tracey and Ginny learn that much in their lives is interconnected and most of it set in motion long before they were born. They find the true treasure of an old Southern family and each other.