Secret of St. Claire, The - eBook

Secret of St. Claire, The - eBook
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Idyllic, quaint, and straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting is St. Claire, Louisianaóat least on the outside. Beneath the veneer, itís anything but. Thatís the secret of St. Claire.

Born and raised in St. Claire, Lindsay Juneauís life was seemingly full raising a six-year-old daughter and caring for her widowed mother. Of course, things arenít always what they seem, and the newest resident of St. Claire isnít buying the ruse.

Veterinarian Nicole Allen is looking for something different. She finds it in St. Claire with its hypochondriac rabbits, shotgun-toting shut-ins, and eclectic mix of people. The most alluring, though, is a woman whoís also looking for something different.